You know how it goes. You go to buy something, anything, and whoever you’re buying it from tries to get you to buy more, whether it’s an extended warranty, some extra bonus things, or whatever else they may want to shove down your throat. Here are a few things that you should never feel like you have to pay extra for, even if people are trying to tell you that you should dish out the extra money for them.

  1. Warranty on your computer. Dell, Apple, and other companies offer extended service warranties. Don’t buy them. First, because you have to send your computer out whenever it needs service done. Second, most people don’t use the warranty to the fullest potential. Sure, it may be $100 for you to buy the warranty for four years, but who keeps a computer for that long and doesn’t know what they’re doing with it? Most computer maintenance can be done yourself.
  2. VIN etching. Some car companies offer VIN etching for different parts of vehicles that frequently get sold after a vehicle is stolen, like the windshield and parts of the engine. Great idea so that you can get parts back, but there are companies that make kits so you can do them yourself.
  3. Many people say that you should be an advocate for your local paper. Sadly, in our world, it’s just not as practical as it used to be. It’s faster to get on your smart phone and look it up then to buy a newspaper and look through it. Now, this is a matter of taste, but why pay 50 cents when you can look online for free?
  4. Basic Tax Preparation. If you’re doing your taxes online, don’t pay extra unless you absolutely have to.