Why You Should Only Play Games On Your Computer

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July 10, 2017

When you’re looking for Games to Download, PC gaming is your best bet. PC games can easily be downloaded online and they’re the least expensive of all games. PC games aren’t as expensive as console games because developing a game for PC is a lot easier and less expensive than developing a game for console. Computers can also be used to torrent or download games on websites that offer them for free, which isn’t possible on console gaming. PC games can’t be too expensive because if they are many people would opt to simply pirate the game instead of buying it. Another bonus is that online multiplayer games are often free on PC, whereas you need to pay a subscription fee on consoles to be able to play multiplayer games online.

Games to Download

Because development of console gaming is so expensive, games that aren’t financially successful on PC are often never developed to be compatible with consoles. Only huge companies that can afford to do it will release console games at the same time as they release the PC versions. Indie games will often only be available on PC and if they ever do make it to console it will only be months later. Waiting that long for a new game isn’t great, which is why it’s much better to play on PC than console. The wide variety of indie titles available to PC gamers makes it a great choice for gamers.

While many people don’t like playing games using their keyboards, this isn’t the only option. You can use gaming pads and there are even ways to connect controllers to your PC if you prefer playing on your controllers.

PC gaming also allows for a lot of flexibility. Depending on your budget, you can update your PC to be as optimized as you prefer. You can get your display to be even better than your living room TV, or you could go low budget and only install the barebones that you need. It all depends on your personal preferences and budget. Upgrades are easy to do and you can use a single gaming computer for a lot longer than you’ll ever be able to play on a console. You need to buy new releases of consoles to be able to play new releases of games, but with a gaming pc you won’t have this problem since all the games to download will be compatible with your computer.

Buying games for PC is a lot easier than for console. For one, it’s easy to find free games to download online for your computer. The Steam sales are also a great bonus for people who play on PC that people who play on console are missing out on.

In conclusion, PC gaming is the best choice for long term gaming success. No replacements, minimal fuss and easy optimization. It’s the wise choice for all gamers and it should be the only way to play.