Are you bored with the lighter that you have right now? Or do you think that it is just too unreliable for you to keep using? If you are feeling this way, then you will be in the market for a new lighter. And we would understand why you would want to go out and get a new lighter. The lighters that we get in the shops are okay, they get the job done, but they are not very exciting. And they are not exactly packed with features either. It is the same thing that you would see in the shops 20 years ago – not much has changed where these lighters are concerned.

So, what will you do? We think that you will want to find that special lighter that is going to get the job done for you. And we think that in this case, the lighter that you will want to take a good look at is the tesla cigarette lighter, because it is head and shoulders above any other lighter that is on the market. In fact, we would say that when you try this lighter a few times, or you keep it with you for a day, you are never going to go back to regular lighters.

tesla cigarette lighter

The thing about the Tesla lighter is that you are using these coils within the system, and those coils are going to heat up in order to get you the “flame” that you need to light your cigarette. It also means that when you are using this lighter, you will not need to concern yourself with something like a flame that can get extinguished by the wind. There is no flame per say, which means the wind is not going to have any impact on it at all.

Now you may be wondering, how is this lighter powered? And that is a great question. Every lighter needs some type of power source, whether it is lighter fluid or something else. In the case of this tesla, it is nothing of the sort. What you are getting is an electronic lighter that needs to get charged in order to keep working. But if you charge it one time, it will last you anywhere from 200 to 300 lights. That means if you are lighting a total of 200 or 300 cigarettes, you will not need a charge. When you pass that number, use the USB to charge your lighter.

The charging process will barely take more than an hour or two. So, when you are at home and you are sitting around, simply plug it in for a little while and the charging is done. Then you can go back to using it as you normally do. it works just as well indoors as it does outside. When you are in a windy area and no one else can light their cigarette, it will take you a few seconds to get the job done. That is the beauty of the electronic lighter!